<> Problem scenarios

Statistics of information about multiple students leaving and returning to school Excel workbook , utilize Python Summarize the contents of multiple workbooks into one
PS: The original format type to read is best Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls) format , Otherwise, it is easy to make mistakes .

<> code implementation
import os import os.path import pandas as pd import numpy as np import xlwt
import xlrd from xlutils.copy import copy from datetime import date,datetime df=
pd.DataFrame({' full name ':[], ' Student number ':[], ' major ':[], ' Do you want to go home ':[], ' Departure time ':[], ' Return time ':[]}) print
(df) for filename in os.listdir(r'E:\py_shiyan\Pycharm backups \ traverse folder \ New folder '): filename
="E:\py_shiyan\Pycharm backups \ traverse folder \ New folder "+"/" +filename data = pd.read_excel(
filename) print(data) df=pd.concat([df,data]) print(df) df = df.reset_index(drop
=True) df.to_excel(' Summary 3.xlsx',encoding='utf-8')
<> Output results

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