As the title , install linux The system encountered the following problems :

translate :

go back to the menu and correct this problem 
Return to the menu and correct the problem  
the partition table format in use on your disks normally requires you to
create a separate partition for boot loader code. this partition should de
marked for use as a "reserved bios boot area" and should de at least 1 mb in
size. note that this is not same as a partition mounted in /boot. 
The use of your disk usually requires you to create a separate partition table format for boot code . This partition should be marked for use as a “ retain BIOS Start up area ”, There should be at least one 1
MB Size of . Please note that , This is not installed in the /boot Same partition . 
if you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct,boot loader
installation may fail later,although it may still be possible to install the
loader to a partition. 
If you don't go back to the partition menu and the correct boot loader , Installation may fail after , Although it may still be able to install to a partition of the loader .

resolvent :

1. New partition capacity 16 or 32Mb Space for
( It says at least 1Mb, Just in case, we'll do more , I divided it up 32MB).

2. New partition location -> start ; Primary partition  

3. be used for ->biosgrup

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