What are the fastest ways to cash in ?

1, Do flow station sales

2, Do Taobao guest or hang alliance advertisement

3, Do business flow linked wechat sales

4, For enterprises SEO

In fact, this 4 There is nothing wrong with planting 2 class , Flow to others , Or do traffic for yourself , Just look at which one is easier or faster to realize .

One , Connecting to enterprise station SEO Realization

If you speak fast , The fastest is to pick up enterprises SEO, You just need to publish this kind of business , Or low price live , Orders can be received as soon as possible on the same day .

Which channel is the fastest ? Yes , Paid bidding , This is the fastest , What about the lowest cost , It's a treasure .

The only drawback is that the price is too low , The advantage is that you can receive live on the same day , Open a shop , Advertising , Plus wechat , Users propose keywords or optimization objectives , You give the price .

A deal , I started to shoot the work . minimum , Something to do .

Because the demand itself is there , In ready-made channels , Users know they have to pay , There is a platform for guarantee , It's easy to order .

Two , Order receiving of communication platform

If you want to receive the order for free , There are also , That's it SEO forum , It's about asking questions or communicating here , Although they are all colleagues , But the main crowd of communication is rookies .

Master not generally will not go to bubble forum exchange , you'll see .

You can look at these forums as user groups , All potential customers , You help him solve questions and answers , We can add wechat , Then go to the list .

It's not as good as advertising , however , Because it's a free strategy , The value is here , No money , Receipt of order , I used to take orders in this way ..

Three , Taobao cash

In the course I was talking about last night , There is a case of Taoke , The operation was rough , Direct classification by Taobao products , Add a large number of categories and needs SEO channel , Take the flow .

Every day, too 3 About ten thousand , The income is good, too , It's mainly about accurate traffic , The conversion rate is not too bad .

If you use the vertical flow mode of the industry to do Taobao , The conversion rate will be higher , Compared with the whole industry, the price is higher .

And for the whole station traffic jump out is to Taobao products page , As long as the traffic is matched , It's easy to make thousands of dollars a month .

If the flow is more than ten thousand , The income must be over ten thousand , And then copy it 10 Vertical classes , one month 5-10 A million dollars in income .

It's just that the process is a little boring , Looking for words , classification , layout , collection , Chain change , Non stop cycle .

I have a friend in Huizhou , He is a full-time Taoke , I used to be a chef , Later, I will change my job SEO, Full time Taobao guest , Main clothing .

last year 8 What he shared with me is , Every day 8000-1 Ten thousand yuan of income , You have it on your hand 200 Websites , Alone , Take it at home 2 Work in Gewa mode .

1 year 300 ten thousand , Silent voice .

Maybe you see that saying , How to realize it , You do it, too , however , You can keep working until you earn every day 1 Ten thousand ?

from 1 Websites started , To the growing number of websites , Traffic also fell and increased , Income will go from less to more , There are bound to be twists and turns , It's just to see if you can stay strong and never give up .

Over a few hurdles , Your income is bound to increase , Whether it's cumulative or not , Better experience , More and more skilled, professional or not , It's all normal .

as long as , You don't give up , Keep learning , Always stick to it .

This is also true of my students , Keep doing one thing from the beginning ,, And people who have been jumping around have no ideal income , Why? ?

The reason is simple , Always clear , Always moving , There are always new goals , This mentality , It's hard to make a big deal .

People who actually have big money , all one to , Just do the little things in front of you , Accumulate slowly , Grow slowly , Your income will go up , Not expecting ……

What was my income yesterday 200 block , I want to get my income tomorrow 1 Ten thousand yuan , Not so fast , You're not prepared enough , You can't jump so high , I really want to be stronger , It will fall down, too .

My understanding is that , Choose a direction , Keep doing it first 10 year , Every day further , Done 10 You can see it again , You've grown up , grow taller , The income came naturally .

Not always looking around , Find a shortcut , Is there really a shortcut ? Yes , It's simple , There is a direction , With teacher guidance , You move forward every day , This is the shortcut .

There's nothing in the world that you suddenly have 100 Wanor 1000 Wan's method , If so , You don't have the qualification or cost to do it .

Or it's very risky , You can't stand it , Or the cost is too high , You can't afford it , therefore

You have to do what you can , Keep learning , Growing stronger , You'll find out one day , you , It can be so powerful .