open an account with 10 Blog in the coming year , Never wrote anything . I bought a book recently 《 Core principles of reverse engineering 》, It's suitable for beginners who want to learn reverse . Take notes of your study .

<>OllyDbg Common shortcut keys

function Shortcut key
breakpoint F2
Jump Ctrl + G
notes ;
label :
function F9
Execute to cursor F4
Step into F7
Step over F8
Execute until next Return Ctrl + F9
Rerun Ctrl + F2
<> For practice C++ code
#include "windows.h" #include "tchar.h" int _tmain(int argc, TCHAR *argv[]) {
MessageBox(NULL, L"Hello World!", L"Title", MB_OK); return 0; }
<> Problem record

VS2019 When compiling a project , Some auto generated startup functions will be called Kernal32.IsProcessorFeaturePresent, It calls a function
ntdll.RtlIsProcessorFeaturePresent, If F7 Enter this function , This will make debugging impossible , however F8
The words of , Yes, it is . I don't know what this function does for the moment , Write it down first .
<> last
Successfully found it main Where is the data , I also found the code I wrote , It's a success .

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