Jinshan network, a famous domestic security company, has been hacked frequently recently “ patronize ”.8 month 22 day 20 spot , The homepage of Jinshan mobile phone guard of Jinshan network has been tampered with by hackers ; Less than a day 8 month 23 On the morning of May 9 Time 30 branch , The official website of Jinshan network was broken by hackers again . If you add the previous two successful hackers , Jinshan network for more than two months 4 Second black . As a security company, it is frequently hacked , Jinshan network to the new express reporter said , No comment will be made .

Hacking hackers “ Arrogance ” stay Q Number

Reporter found , In addition to the above two hackers , The official blog of Jinshan drug bully has been in 6 month 2 Japan and Japan 8 month 7 Suspected to be hacked by the same hacker every day . Hackers use red font to recover tuition fees from Li Tiejun, an anti-virus engineer of Jinshan network . The reporter tried to enter the official blog of Jinshan drug bully according to the link provided by public information yesterday , But failed to enter , It is directly transferred to the official website of Jinshan , The hacked official blog seems to have been abandoned .

however , With the previous two blackmail requests Jinshan network “ Pay back ” Different , The latest two attacks on the official website of Jinshan hackers did not leave too many messages , But it left a name ,QQ And the website of a security forum .

What's interesting is that , According to what the hacker left behind QQ No. 1 clues , Some netizens found that the hacker asked questions about how to be a hacker in Baidu Zhili two years ago , At that time, it was just a rookie . nowadays , Rookies are growing , But the website of Jinshan is still full of loopholes . So in a security technology forum , Some netizens commented , Jinshan network official website has become a compulsory course for junior hackers .

New express reporter yesterday tried to understand the hacker's motives , But the hacker told reporters ,“ Contact with Jinshan network , It is not convenient to disclose for the time being .”

Jinshan's family is not the only one who has been hacked

in fact , In recent years, more than one network security company of Jinshan network has been hacked .

such as 2009 year 2 month 9 day , A hacker claims to have successfully hacked into the US website of Kaspersky, an anti-virus software manufacturer , So we get the list of users and Kaba products bug A lot of information in the list .
2009 year 7 month 26 day , Ruixing official website is hacked and “ Hang a horse ”, The targets include those that Microsoft has not yet provided a patch Office0day Loopholes and Fire-fox3.5 Version of the vulnerability and other vulnerabilities . and 360 Security guard insiders also admit that , Their website has been hacked in .

“ Cyber security companies are attacked by hackers , It's a very common thing . therefore , For security companies , The security protection of its own server and website is very important .”360 Security guard related staff said to the new express reporter , In order to prevent hackers from intruding , The company invests huge amount of capital and manpower in its own safety protection every year .

It is worth mentioning that , Due to the network security company is frequently hacked , Some netizens have lost confidence in network security products . In this regard, the industry said , No single network security product can guarantee 100% absolute security . For Internet users , In addition to the formation of good internet habits , A complete set of safety precautions should be used as far as possible , Protect your own Internet Security in an all-round way .


Hacker attacks threaten network security

in recent years , Hackers' attacks on the Internet are increasing tenfold every year . At the opening ceremony of 2011 China Internet Conference , Qian Xiaoqian, deputy director of the State Council Information Office, said , Online damage to public interests , Infringement of the rights and interests of others occurs from time to time , All kinds of illegal and harmful information are prohibited and displayed repeatedly , Making and spreading computer viruses , The network crime endangering the network security is increasing day by day , Seriously damage people's confidence in the Internet . Especially hacker attacks , It has become a serious threat to network security .

According to the data provided by China's national Internet Emergency Center ,2010 year , China has 450 More than ten thousand hosts are coming from abroad IP Trojan control of address , than 2009 Years have increased 1620%. About 22 Ten thousand IP Address manipulation trojan virus , relatively 2009 Annual growth 34.1%.

Yu Xiaoqiu, an expert of China Information Security Evaluation Center, pointed out in an interview with the media , With the acceleration of global informatization process , The influence and function of hacker activities are increasing day by day . Hacker attacks and gains have been made from a cyber crime
“ Industrial chain ” It has become a force that can not be ignored that affects international affairs and stability and endangers national interests and security .