IT Home 8 month 10 Daily News   Task manager is a powerful tool , It can provide a lot of useful information , It can let you know what the computer is doing , You can also display detailed statistics for each process .

  Windows 10 Already in “ set up ” It comes with me
“ Applications and features ”, It includes a list of installed applications , The size of the application is also included , It does not provide information about all installed applications .

   as report goes , Microsoft is now developing a new application manager , Can be in “ set up ” Provided in the application , In order to have more control over the running process and application .

   This convenience feature based on settings will give you an overview of the applications and processes running on your computer , At present, it is a prototype developed by Microsoft .

  ▲Windows 10 Application Manager

   There are two columns in the application : All and running . among “ whole ” Column lists the installed apps and background apps , and “ In operation ” Column lists all running processes or applications .

   Users can choose an app here , Then click “ Forced closure ” To end the process , Force the app to close . If an application does not respond , It's very useful . same , You can also click
“ uninstall ” Button to delete the app , include Cortana.

  ▲ Application manager settings

   There's another one called “ performance ” Options for , Allows users to access detailed statistics for each process , You can view the CPU, Disk and memory usage .

  ▲Windows Application Manager

   At present, the functions attached to the application manager are quite limited , But new features should be added soon .

   Different from Task Manager ,Windows 10 The app will also send you a notification when the app uses too much memory .

  ▲Chrome Notification that the browser slows down the system

  IT Home learned , The new application manager seems to be a prototype of Microsoft , May be integrated into Windows 10 Setting application , Look forward to it .

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