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Recently, it was reported in the media that , Vice president of byte jump , Ma Weiying leaves AI Lab , And will go to Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute , Join the team of Zhang Yaqin, former president of Baidu, who is preparing for the industrial institute .CSDN
Verification to byte skipping , Confirmed that Ma Weiying did leave , And out of their own interest , Choose to engage in personnel training and scientific research related work in Tsinghua University , But he himself will continue to be a technical consultant for byte hopping .

2019 year 12 month 31 day , Zhang Yaqin has joined Tsinghua University , Employed by Tsinghua University “ intelligence science ” Chair Professor , In the school of vehicle and transportation, Tsinghua University , Department of computer science and related departments to carry out scientific research , Teaching and personnel training . Zhang Yaqin is also responsible for the preparation of the project “ Institute of intelligent industry, Tsinghua University (AIR)”, Facing the fourth industrial revolution , Driving on autopilot , artificial intelligence + Internet of things and brain like intelligence as the key technology breakthrough direction , Building the world's top innovation and research platform .

Information disclosure , As co-founder, Ma Weiying will work with Zhang Yaqin to prepare for the Institute of intelligent industry of Tsinghua University (AIR), The other co-founder is the former Haier Group CTO Zhao Feng . estimate , Institute of intelligent industry, Tsinghua University (AIR) It is expected to be formally established by the end of the year .

Data display , Byte beating Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) Established in 2016 year , Ma Weiying Yu 2017 He left Microsoft Asia Research Institute to join the lab in .AI
Lab Our mission is to push the limits of machine intelligence , Committed to AI Rapid tracking of theoretical research for product deployment , Research areas include natural language processing , computer vision , machine learning , data mining , Calculation and graphics & Augmented reality , system & network .

Since its establishment , This experiment becomes byte jitter product AI Technical support for application “ Rear area ”, Tiktok , The headlines behind today's smart products , They are all provided by the lab AI Technology as support ,

Under the leadership of Ma Weiying , by 2018 year ,AI
Lab From the beginning only 15 People's team , Grow to own 150 A laboratory of researchers . Ma Weiying is recognized by the industry AI technology “ Okami ”, stay Guide2Research Published 2020 Top computer scientists in the world , Ma Weiying ranks second in Chinese mainland. , Is active in the top enterprise AI personnel .

Byte bounce AI Lab Official website information shows , In addition to Ma Weiying as the head of the laboratory , Li Hang is also in this lab , Li Lei , Guo Chuanxiong , Wang Changhu , Zhang Yonghua et al 9
AI Lab directors , Maybe after Ma Weiying left , replace AI Lab The person in charge of the lab will be from here 9 Selected from individuals .

Ma Weiying is not the first to leave a big internet factory AI personnel , For example, baidu chief scientist Wu Enda chose to set up after leaving IA Education website, Now it has become communication AI The important educational front of knowledge . in addition , He also founded star autopilot Drive.AI, It was acquired by apple . Tencent also has a lot of big cattle left , include AI
Director Zhang Tong ,2019 Returned to academia after leaving office in , continue AI Field academic research ; Jia Jiaya, head of Tencent Youtu Laboratory 2020 Resignation in , Return to teaching at CUHK . Google scientist Li Feifei leaves Gu Geyun AI After the person in charge , He also returned to teach at Stanford University , Her master , Google AI Li Jia, President of China Center, also left two months later , At Stanford medical school , Full time participation in smart hospital project , investment AI Medical Project .

You can see ,AI After Daniel left the big internet factory , A lot of people chose to go back to school , continue AI Academic research or education . The reason behind this , With Dachang Research Institute AI The gap between research and landing has something to do with it , although AI Research is of great significance to the company , But the difficulty in landing , And the fact that earnings are in trouble in the short term is really common , All kinds of pressure make the research institute face the pressure , The contradiction between pure research and rapid commercialization , More time and means are needed to resolve the problem .

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