A lot of interview questions , The interviewer will ask questions “ Talk about the testing process of your previous company ”“ What types of test documents have you been exposed to in your previous work ”, To judge whether the test management of the previous company is standardized , And the scale of the project . Usually, only test plan is included in software test project ( Depending on item size ), test case , Test report , Defect report document , In fact, it does not cover the whole testing process , If the answer is just to elaborate on these , It's not enough . Even at present, the company does not have a standardized project and testing process , I also need to know about it A The overall specification of class project , Reasonable use in the current project can also enrich their own experience .

      Share several project testing peripheral documents : Test list , Release list , Project team test daily ; Today, I will explain the application list and its function .

      First of all, understand the whole process of testing :
The R & D team sent out the test email ( Explain the proposed test content , Testing time point , The attachment of self-test results and test precautions, etc )-> The relevant person in charge of the test group receives the email -> Deploy test environment -> Perform acceptability test -> The R & D team will be informed of the test results by email

The above is the general testing process , More formal customer application testing , Development will be executed during the development phase and pass all acceptability test cases , The next step of coding will be carried out after passing . This also avoids serious level problems in the early stages of development . It can save a lot of time and cost for the later testing stage .

      The test list involved in the above process also belongs to the project test document , The list shall be submitted according to the company's requirements , The scale and nature of the project will be slightly different , The following are usually but necessary :

Test demand

Testing time

Person responsible for testing

Test path  

Description of self test

Function point

Self test results  

Corresponding developers

Special notes for testing

Test return instructions

above , The proposed requirement is usually associated with the requirement number , If the requirements management tool is used , You can export or manually associate ; The person in charge of testing generally fills in the first person in charge of testing module or requirement , In case of emergency contact ; The test path depends on the test terminal , The corresponding path description will be given ; The self-test description generally includes whether the unit test has passed or not , Pass code review , Whether the database integrity check is passed , The personnel who fill in the test list should check the corresponding pass option according to the actual completion ; The results of the self-test included pass through , No , Undeveloped, etc , The pass rate of general self-test reached 95% It can be tested , Low priority function points can be carried out at the same time ; Test notes are generally filled in by the person responsible for the test , Inform the tester of the key points of inspection ; Test return instructions generally refer to the return rules agreed in advance , If the defect rate reaches a certain percentage, stop the test , Or by calculating the defect rate of 1000 lines of code or by function points through subdivision to judge .

        Normally , The list of testing applications is also subdivided , According to the nature of the demand
, New demand , Iterative requirements , Function optimization requirements , Suggest to optimize demand , Technical requirements , Performance requirements, etc . To flexibly adjust the template option configuration of the application list . After receiving the e-mail by the person in charge of the test , The acceptability test needs to be performed for the test list , The test passed and the test email was answered
Explain the test results and inform the next test plan ; If the test fails, reply to the test e-mail to explain the reason for the failure and the suggested repair direction, and attach the defect report .

      There is no perfect testing process in the project , Only by constantly running in , Constantly adapt to the development needs of the project itself , We can continuously improve our test process management , So as to guarantee the final product quality .

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