Alibaba cloud is playing a big game of chess .

  8 month 20 Day and night , The financial report of Ali has just been released , Revenue of cloud business in the first half of the year exceeded 245 100 million yuan , The year-on-year growth rate was as high as 59%
Soon after the disclosure of , Zhang Yong, chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba, said on a conference call with analysts , Alibaba cloud has formed a wide range of chemical reactions with nails , Bring strong growth momentum .

   Such expressions are not new . Two months ago , Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba cloud intelligence, told a highly similar term at the Alibaba cloud summit : Cloud nail integration . At that meeting , He compared nails to a new operating system , take “ Alicloud + Nail ” The analogy is “PC+Windows”.

   Two helmsmen , Two similar expressions , It has undoubtedly revealed that Alibaba cloud is moving towards a new stage . This is no longer a simple emphasis on technology development , Just compete with the basic areas , It's one that hasn't been explored , But it may lead cloud computing to a new field .

   Almost all cloud computing practitioners think that , In the last two years , As the main force of the cloud is inclined from Internet enterprises to traditional government enterprises , The cloud computing industry is changing , This new industry is moving towards the next life stage .

   In the new stage , Where will cloud computing go ? As a leader in this industry , Alibaba cloud may be exploring the answer .

   Hidden engine

   During the outbreak , Remote office software is a popular field .

   small office , home office , Distance learning , A variety of demands quickly pushed up the popularity of nail and other products , But it also leaves a question in people's minds : When the impact of the epidemic weakened , After people return to normal production and life , Is it just a temporary one “ tuyere ”? Will the heat of these products drop suddenly ?

   The answer given by time is : can't .

   stay 8 month 20
On the conference call of , Zhang Yong revealed , After returning to work and school , The number of active users of nails has more than doubled compared with that before the outbreak . This undoubtedly means that ,“ Fundamental changes have taken place in the way we work and learn , Nailing will become an important collaborative platform for work and learning , Go deep into all walks of life .”

   Inadvertently , Nailing has gone from that year “ Business communication tools ”, Evolved into “ Office platform ”, Once again, it has evolved into the intelligent business of Alibaba cloud “ operating system ”.

   Zhang Jianfeng first proposed “ Cloud nail integration ” Strategic time , The role of nails in cloud computing has been clearly described , And points out the relationship between cloud and nail : Alibaba cloud is building “ cloud + New operating system ” New cloud computing model , The nail is the core part of the operating system .

   Compare the relationship between alicloud and nailing PC And Windows
The relationship between , Zhang Jianfeng from the perspective of market supply and demand analysis , Enterprises need new computing architecture such as cloud , New operating systems like nailing are also needed , It's a whole , The former provides computing infrastructure like hydropower and coal , The latter is like that of the new era
Windows, It enables enterprises to quickly develop all applications for managing organizations and businesses .

   A case that can be referred to is , In Zhejiang Province , Yes 100 More than ten thousand government employees are working on the nail , Based on this “ New operating system ”, Yes 1000
Several related applications have been developed and launched , All kinds of transaction processing , All can be done on nails .

   During the outbreak , China Pacific Life Insurance and Alibaba cloud cooperation , It's online “ Taibao nail ” Exclusive collaborative office platform , Near 80 10000 field teams ,4
More than 10000 employees provide remote office collaboration and business operation support , Ensure the normal operation during the epidemic period .

   Alibaba cloud and nail “ chemical reaction ”, Become the foundation of Alibaba cloud's sustained growth . In Alibaba just disclosed 2021 In the first quarter of the fiscal year , Alibaba cloud's revenue in this quarter reached 123.45
100 million yuan , That's up from last year 59%.

   How to evaluate this growth rate ? Affected by the epidemic , The performance growth rate of each cloud manufacturer in this quarter has been affected to some extent , for example , Last quarter 59% Growing Microsoft
Azure, Year on year growth fell to 47%. According to Goldman Sachs , In the Chinese market , The growth rate of Alibaba cloud is also higher than that of other major cloud service providers , This is more than it is 42%
A strong contrast between the market share of , Even if it's already massive , Alicloud is still the fastest one .

   say “ Cloud nail integration ” What are you talking about

   Why is alicloud playing a big game of chess ? If you look deeply , It's already visible , Combination of Alibaba cloud and nail , More than that “ Support the growth of Alibaba cloud business during the epidemic period ” So simple , The formation of the two chemical reactions , It seems to be pointing to a new direction of Alibaba cloud's exploration .

   Anyone familiar with the cloud computing industry knows , The last two years , The biggest trend of global cloud computing , It provides cloud computing resources for Internet based enterprises , Expand to traditional industries , Services provided by SMEs , From Internet enterprise to cloud , Expand to the traditional industry cloud . This means that , Cloud computing vendors need to provide “ Hydroelectric coal ” Cloud computing resources for , Evolved to provide more services and industry solutions .

   One sentence summary , Cloud manufacturers need “ Thicken the clouds ”.

   In the global market , This has become a trend . Microsoft hit it “Azure+Office365” strategy , combination IaaS and SaaS, take Office
Introducing cloud computing service into enterprise customer advantage . the near future , Microsoft shares soar , It also reflected Teams The success of collaborative office platform , Let the market see that Microsoft has grown a nail like creature , This can provide more power for the cloud in reverse ; And in the
Teams After the rise , In the past, the market was the first Slack Quickly find Amazon Alliance , Form your own line .

   All of this is a glimpse of Ali “ Cloud nail integration ” How it looks . It's all for those who are not IT Enterprise users with technology background provide more simple and easy-to-use cloud computing services , It's like back then Windows
It provides a universal operation interface for computer popularization .

   but “ Cloud nail integration ” What is different from the former two is that , This is a further step forward in the model of Microsoft and Amazon , Not only “ cloud + Office software “, But it evolved into ” cloud + New operating system “. The difference between the two is that , Office software is provided to enterprises by cloud manufacturers , The operating system is to build ecology , Not only for enterprise users to provide a more direct use method , And it allows developers to be more convenient , Simple application and development environment , This will greatly expand the number of applications that can be used in ecology , That is, the number of products .

   For example, Alibaba cloud , Including Libai , Oriental hope , Pacific Insurance , Guangdong rural credit and other enterprises based on “ Cloud nail integration ” Infrastructure , Hundreds of thousands of enterprise applications have been developed . Huang Xingsheng, general manager of Oriental hope information department, once mentioned , Development and application of nail ,“ It's like in the
Appstore It's as easy to download and install ”, And give an example , Oriental hope costs less than 90 ten thousand , Some peer spending is achieved 9000 The management target can only be achieved with the software system and supporting facilities purchased by 10000 yuan .

   nowadays , stay “ Cloud nail integration ” On the platform of , There have been more than 20 Ten thousand enterprise application developers are helping enterprises customize their own applications .

   long ago , When cloud computing just appeared in the technology industry , What people imagine of this new concept is , Not limited by terminal computing capacity , everywhere , Ready to use network computing services .

   In the last decade , The industry has gone from zero to existing , Start by virtualizing the server , Developed into IaaS
Computing industry as the core . There have been complaints from practitioners , This limits the imagination of cloud computing , Make this beautiful technology concept simple .

   But people also know ,IaaS+PaaS
It's not the ultimate form of cloud computing , That's just the beginning of the industry . In the industry , Practitioners , In particular, leaders are always exploring the possible future forms of cloud computing . nowadays , Chemical reaction between alicloud and nail , The future is far away , It seems that a corner has finally emerged .

   This is not only a big game for Alibaba cloud , It is also a big game for the whole cloud computing industry .