With the approaching of Valentine's Day , People's thoughts and behaviors began to turn to romantic sentiment and all kinds of flowers . But for cyber criminals, it's another great opportunity to be seduced .2 The most common scam that occurred in January was around the weakness of existing software , Spam , False website and various deception technology .“ In order to get the maximum profit , Criminals have been using organized attacks to achieve hot spots for a long time , Network fraud in specific period .”Websense Hong Jingfeng, research manager of safety laboratory, pointed out that .

Near 2 month 14 In the weeks of Valentine's Day , A large number of phishing emails have been sent over and over again to improve the chances of a relationship or a date .Websense
Security Lab monitors fake Valentine's Day websites offering various rogue software , The proliferation of adult dating , Medical related spam and mixed email , network , Phone fraud and so on belong to Valentine's day “ Come on, come on ” Fraud .

Websense Hong Jingfeng, research manager of safety laboratory, pointed out that :“ Those habitual criminals of online fraud are as usual , Carrying spam , Trojan appeared before Valentine's day , These attacks and fraud techniques have been widely used in the Obama Presidential Election and the New Year greeting card season . The public has gradually increased vigilance against similar attacks and frauds , It is more and more difficult for recidivists to obtain illegal benefits through these means . But cyber criminals are still doing their best to apply sociology , Psychology makes their attacks closer to the pulse of the times , more
‘ friendly ’ To achieve the ultimate fraud .”

Taking advantage of Valentine's Day 3 Major approaches :

1. Beautiful pictures of sad despair

   According to the monitoring results , Many fake Valentine's Day websites hide malicious code . These sites display colorful pictures such as puppies or 12 A beautiful heart , And asked netizens to guess “ Which one is for you ?” And other surveys or pictures to attract netizens to click , But unfortunately , The page of the whole website is a big picture , One click will link Internet users to a name called “onlyyou.exe” or “youandme.exe” On the automatic download page of Trojan horse program , This trojan can control the victim host remotely to steal the sensitive information of users .

2. I'm your good friend

   Criminals are good at using popular psychology and sociology to study people's preferences , So they started using it Twitter, Facebook
as well as Myspace And other emerging websites , To lure more people to visit their fake websites , Download and install malware and passive spread rogue software . Malicious information in blogs and forum comments is also on the rise . You need to be alert to strangers who leave messages on blogs , Especially those links that promise to help you find true love .

   One of the most popular fraud techniques is to fake an email from a social networking site , The content is only love or cartoon characters . If you click on the link in the email , Then you will be forced to download a bank account theft program , Criminals can use this to steal information about your online banking .

3. You can't buy love with money , It's going to make you different Web experience

   Money can't buy love , But it can lead you in other directions . The monitoring results show that , The most popular 100 In websites ,70% All of the above are implanted with malicious content or contain counterfeit content that directs users to malicious websites . in fact , We found that the number of phishing sites on certain well-known websites has gradually decreased , Cyber criminals are turning their attention to online shopping sites and search engines , A large number of corporate computers have been attacked . Once people start ordering flowers online in large quantities , Chocolate and other gifts , Criminals began to steal various bank account information by various means .

  Websense Hong Jingfeng, research manager of safety laboratory, pointed out that :“ Due to the Web The level of safety informatization cannot keep up with the development of security technology , This led to the rapid development of underground economy . Criminals are using it more and more Web2.0 Features that allow users to write content launch an attack boom . We also see more websites linking users to malicious content than ever before . Because many mail security systems lack the web Intelligent understanding and recognition of content , As a result, spammers also began to use the mail containing malicious links to grab illegal profits . obvious , Enterprises need real time , Intelligent comprehensive protection to protect the key business of enterprises , Otherwise, enterprises will still face the threat of data theft ”

   last , Happy Valentine's Day !