Android Platform and SDK Tools Version and ADT Correspondence of versions

stay android Under development , We're exposed to a lot of different versions SDK
Tools, And many versions ADT, During the interview , Interviewers also like to ask , Please tell me what you have used android Differences between versions, etc . understand android Platform and SDK
Tools edition , as well as ADT Correspondence of versions , And remembering him is very helpful to our work , In particular, assist in testing , Compatibility testing , This reflects more details

- Here is a simple example DataPicker Different versions of this space
<DatePicker android:id="@+id/datePicker" android:layout_width="wrap_content"
android:layout_height="200dp" android:layout_gravity="center_horizontal"/>
-DatePicker We use more time control , In use, we all know , Use its version in mianfest Set us in
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" android:targetSdkVersion="21" />

there minSdkVersion It can't run when it is smaller than you set , When we want to use DatePicker The system comes with a selection scroll box , stay minSdkViersion by 8 I didn't support it , But for >=11 You can set it successfully .

Then the problem arises , Test the model of our mobile phone , And compatible devices have clear requirements , If your device is needed minSdkVersion by 11 Version of , But your test machine does 2.2 perhaps 2.3 Then you will find that ES and AS All Zoomlion projects will not work , Gu knows Android Platform and SdkTools Version and ADT Correspondence is important , Now let's make up for you to call about their relevant knowledge , Hope in the days to come , It's not only good for you , It's useful for everyone .

Android Earlier versions

Android The early version number is a little bit “ confusion ”, such as Android 2.2 Corresponding ADT Version is ADT-0.9.9
and Android 2.3 Corresponding ADT The version is suddenly “ transition ” by

and Android SDK It also includes SDK Tools and SDK
Platform Two things , They have different meanings , They also have their own version numbers , So some people are confused here , The corresponding relationship between them will be summarized below :

Android Platform and SDK Tools edition ,ADT Correspondence of versions * system

Android Catalogue of editions SDK Tools grid API level ADT edition System code
Android1.1 The system comes with SDK API Level 2 ADT- BASE
Android1.5 R3/R6 Or higher API Level 3 ADT-0.9.1 CUPCAKE
Android1.6 R3/R4/R6 Or higher API Level 4 ADT-0.9.3 DOUNT
Android2.0 R3 Or higher API Level 5 ADT-0.9.4 ECLAIR
Android2.0.1 R4 Or higher API Level 6 ADT-0.9.4 ECLAIR_0_1
Android2. 1R4/R6/R12 Or higher API Level 7 ADT-0.9.5 ECLAIR_M1
Android2.2 R6/R12 Or higher API Level 8 ADT- FROYO
Android2.2 R12 Or higher API Level 8 ADT-12.0.0 FROYO
Android2.3 R8 Or higher API Level 9 ADT-8.0.1 GINGERBREAD
Android2.3.3 R9/R12 Or higher API Level 10 ADT- 9.0.1 GINGERBREAD_MR1
Android2.3.4 R11 Or higher API Level 10 ADT-11.0.0 GINGERBREAD_MR1
Android3.0 R10/R12 Or higher API Level 11 ADT-9.0.0 HONEYCOMB
Android3.1 R11/R12 Or higher API Level 12 ADT-11.0.0 HONEYCOMB_MR1
Android3.2 R12 Or higher API Level 13 ADT-12.0.0 HONEYCOMB_MR2
Android4.0 R14 Or higher API Level 14 ADT-14.0.0 ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH
Android4.0.3 R14 Or higher API Level 15 ADT-14.0.0 ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH_MR
Android4.0.3 R17 Or higher API Level 15 ADT-17.0.0 ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH_MR1
Android4.1 R20 Or higher API Level 16 ADT-20.0.0 JELLY_BEAN
Android4.2 R20 Or higher API Leve 17 ADT-20.0.0 JELLY_BEAN_MR1
Android4.2.2 R21 Or higher API Level 17 ADT-21.0.0 JELLY_BEAN_MR
Android 4.33 ~~ API Level 18 ~~ JELLY_BEAN_MR2
Android4.4 ~~ API Level 19 ~~ KITKAT_WATCH
Android 4.4WA (L) ~~ API Level 20 ~~ KITKAT_WATCH
Android 5.0.1 ~~ API Level 21 ~~ LOLLIPOP_MR
Android 5.1.1 ~~ API Level 22 ~~ LoLLIPOP_MR1
Android 6.0 ~~ API Level 23 ~~ M

reminder :: The time to summarize this table is :2016-11-16, abreast of the times ADT Version is 24.4.4, But in China, the only one that can be visited is 23.0.6
At this time, I have to feel that it is really great to be able to climb over the wall ..

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