Programmers who have learned object-oriented programming feel that they do not lack objects , I even think it's a very simple thing , I don't believe it. Look :
new girlfriend();
Tell you secretly , Most of the people who play with this Terrier are real single dogs !

<> On object oriented

What is object oriented ? What do you mean by object-oriented programming ? Is it to knock code at your own object every day ?

That's far from it , The so-called object-oriented programming is OOP, It is actually a kind of programming specification or method , That is, it will guide you how to design the program and write the code , It's an idea , Programming ideas , In fact, when it comes to the ideological level, I feel that it is much higher , Generally, the so-called ideas are quite abstract .

Object oriented is a kind of programming specification , Generally speaking, the idea of object-oriented programming is that you have to guide how to design object-oriented programs .

Object oriented is a programming idea , Do you have this idea ?

<> What is the object-oriented idea

What is the so-called object-oriented programming idea ? The general idea of object-oriented is that you can design programs with objects that exist objectively in the real world , What do you mean ? For example, everyone has eaten fruit , So we all know that the word "fruit" is a general summary , It's an abstraction , You don't know exactly what fruit is when it comes to fruit , Because of apples , Bananas and oranges are fruits .

The fruit mentioned above is the objective existence in the real world , So how do we express this at the code level ? Through the idea of object oriented programming , We can show the fruit in the code level , How to express it ?

In object-oriented programming , Fruit is a category , It's just a class , And then it's like an apple , Bananas and oranges are concrete objects , It's like fruit is a big category , There are apples under it , Bananas and oranges , That is, there is a class , You can generate multiple objects , however

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