yesterday , A reader chatted with me , Talking about my recent abusive interview experience . he 985 graduation , work 3 year , I like a monthly salary 1.5 Wan's work , Prepare for job hopping . Although it's not high in Beijing , But it's not bad , His conditions are also well matched , It's not a problem .


I didn't expect that HR I haven't passed that , I got a rejection letter .


He was particularly incomprehensible , I asked a lot of insiders , The conclusion is that :HR I don't think he's sincere .


I asked him if he was too conceited , He said he didn't feel it at all . I thought about it for a long time , Maybe I was asked how many offer When , Not very good .


actually , Many people have encountered this problem . Some people compare it to “ How many dates have you met ”, It doesn't seem hard to answer , But it's dangerous .


Too much to say , It seems that they don't pay enough attention to the employer in front of them ; Not enough , It seems that I have no ability , None of the companies wanted to . What's the right thing to say , It's worth thinking carefully .



When HR Ask you offer situation , What do you mean? ?


first ,  Interested in you , Want to know more about you .


First of all, congratulations ,HR So ask , 80% of them are interested in you , I want to know more about you .


For example, by understanding what other companies give you offer,HR You can know which companies you chose , Which industries are mainly distributed , So you know what you plan for yourself and what you want to do in the future .


such as , If HR Found out what you got offer From different industries , Different types of Companies , It makes people feel , You lack a clear career plan , Maybe you don't know what you want to do . but HR People who want to recruit , But it is not easy to change jobs , Cultivate good employees in your field .


secondly ,HR Want to know your market competitiveness .


adopt offer situation ,HR Can assess your value , Get your benchmarking position in the market , You can also judge whether you accept your own company offer How likely is it .


If you have a lot of big companies offer, It shows that your market competitiveness is very strong . But it also means ,HR The cost of fighting for you will increase . one side , She needs to raise her salary , To attract you . on the other hand , We need to be back-up , Focus on other interviewers appropriately .


third , Control your job search progress , Bargain with you .


An interview is a selection process , It's also a negotiation .HR Keep abreast of the candidate's job search trends during the interview , In order to take the initiative , To bargain .


If you have the other offer It has entered a later stage ,HR If I like you , Will speed up the interview process . meanwhile , Through others offer To judge your salary , Give you a valuation in mind , Discuss annual salary with you more specifically . And if , You don't have one offer, stay HR Eyes , It's a lack of bargaining chips , So when it comes to pay , She has more confidence .



HR Ask you offer situation , What should be the answer ?


first , Don't be too real .


No matter how popular you are in the market , How much do you have offer, It's better not to put them together . Spreading net is the taboo of job hopping circle , Yes HR feel “ You don't recognize a company's capabilities and culture , Just try it ”. but HR What matters more is , The possibility and rationality of your joining the company .


There was once a HR Tell me , I interviewed five people one day , Everyone told her ,“ I still have a lot of interviews , And a lot of them offer”. I thought she would feel like she saw treasure , But she told me ,“ Such people , Not specific ”.


therefore , This question , Don't answer too casually , It can be fuzzy , For example, I'm looking at some opportunities , Give Way HR I feel better in my mind .


secondly , Don't kneel and lick .


A lot of people just go to one company , Nothing else offer, In order to express their loyalty , Will make peace HR say “ Only this company , I just want to work here ”.


There is a saying “ Catching up is not a business ”, The business tried to please the customers , But it actually has the opposite effect , It makes the customer have unnecessary doubt . same ,HR It's hard to avoid feeling that you have no choice but to be so eager , So you're not welcome , And our company has become the last straw in your hand . thus , Your value is greatly reduced in his mind .


therefore , Insight HR The mind of , You just need to be realistic and say a few reasons why you appreciate the company , Then list your strengths that you can contribute to the company . In the process , Emotions need to be peaceful , The attitude of dialogue is also based on equality .


last , Euphemism is welcome , But they put current employers first .


Whether it's too urgent , Or too cold , It's a little bit of a loss , So the best strategy is to euphemistically express that you are popular with the market , And tell me that I prefer the job interview in front of me .


Even if I have a lot of them offer, You can just say it 2-3 A reliable and famous company in the industry . Then list their achievements in the original company : promotion increase , Project experience , With the team and so on .


If you don't get it offer It doesn't matter , It can be said that the interview of other companies has not yet gone , First came here , Because I prefer your company , Feel more suitable , Interested in this position , The answer should be calm and confident .


actually , During the interview , On others offer It's taboo , So we should try our best to talk less , Just release the necessary information properly . Don't over compare , But it can be done through other offer Here it is HR Some tips , What kind of salary and salary would you like , In short, step by step grasp the interviewer's psychology , We can strive for more benefits .


If you really fit in with that company , No matter how much you receive offer, What belongs to you can't run away .