in recent years , Open source projects are highly expected by the industry , It is highly praised by many technical masters in the industry , One of the projects is that Google and IBM Jointly created Istio.Istio The emergence of service grid ——Service
Mesh The concept became popular ,Service Mesh
Provides a transparent , Language independent approach , Configure network , It can be easily and conveniently configured . In essence ,Service Mesh
It decouples the development and operation of services . If you're a developer , So we're deploying new services , Or modify existing services , There is no need to worry about the operation and maintenance impact of these operations on your distributed system . meanwhile , Operation and maintenance personnel can safely change the operation and maintenance control between services , There is no need to redeploy the service or modify the source code of the service . This layer of infrastructure lies between the service and the underlying network , namely
Service Mesh.

Mesh The emergence of , Make up for it Kubernetes Connection in microservices , Weaknesses in management and monitoring , by Kubernetes Provide better application and service management . therefore ,Service
Mesh On behalf of Istio Once launched , Is considered to be able to Kubernetes An effective tool for micro service management , It is highly praised by the industry .

At the top of the global cloud native World Conference Kubecon+CloudNativeCon When it was held in China for the first time , He has made great achievements in the field of containers Rancher Jointly hosting cloud native service grid with Huawei (Istio) Enterprise Summit , The practical application of service grid in enterprise is discussed in detail . At the meeting , I'm lucky. Yes Rancher
Founder and CEO Liang Shengjiu Istio An exclusive interview was conducted on the exploration and application of service grid .

Istio,K8S Best cloud native partner

Same as the general view of the industry , Liang Sheng also believed that Istio And Kubernetes Extremely complementary .“K8S Actually, it's just the basic scheduling and choreography , Responsible for the running of the container on the host ,Istio What we do is complement each other , Because it's mainly about service discovery . When using containers to implement different services , Need discovery services , Dynamic connection service , Upgrade the service , There will even be some security , reliability , Functional requirements in terms of performance , In fact, these functions are all K8S Not native or can only be implemented manually .Istio It's one that can be in the K8S upper , Apply these , Framework for better management of services .” Liang Sheng said .

Liang Sheng said , At present, cloud infrastructure technology is very mature , But on top of the cloud infrastructure ,K8S There are still some problems in management application , and Istio It makes up for these deficiencies .K8S The real realization is only the function of arrangement and scheduling , For management applications , management service , Service discovery , Realize these advanced functions of microservice , Still need to be implemented through additional frameworks . If we follow the traditional way , Middleware can be developed by programming language . But in contrast ,Istio There is an advantage , Because it is a framework independent of programming language , Through the operator , Direct deployment of operation and maintenance personnel .

although Istio Known as the next generation K8S, However, Liang Sheng did not think that Istio Will replace K8S. Liang Sheng believes that ,K8S Its own scheduling function will not be Istio replace , Unless there's better scheduling in the future . and Istio And K8S It's not tightly coupled , except K8S,Istio In fact, you can also Mesos,Consol And other frameworks to integrate , It is not necessary to choose between the two , meanwhile K8S and Istio It doesn't have to be used at the same time . In fact, they are complementary and can survive independently .

Rio, Better to use Istio front end

however , although Istio It's one that can make up for it K8S The sharp weapon of short board , But directly in the K8S On the Istio The technical threshold is not low . to this end ,Rancher Developed Rio This product , It aims to help users use it more easily Istio. According to Liang Sheng , At present, the product has not been fully developed , It is expected that it will not be released until the beginning of next year . Liang Sheng said frankly , Although it's just one Istio Front end of , but Rio The technical bottleneck of development is also very high , There is a lot to improve , Especially in usability , Reliability bottlenecks , More user feedback needs to be collected and iterated , Finally, it can be put into the market .

At the corporate Summit , Liang Shengwei's audience demonstrated on the spot Demo Version of Rio, Through a few simple commands , It's easy to configure , Administration , Upgrade container , Its simplicity and ease of use are impressive . Liang Sheng also told old sun ,Rio Although it is based on Istio Of , but Rio It's not just about support Istio, It can also support other service grid products . for example ,Linkerd. Liang Sheng said ,Linkerd yes CNCF Another service grid project in ,Linkerd Well, actually , It's just in the community ,Istio The voice of support should be louder , and Linkerd It's just one company doing it , In many cases ,Linkerd It will be easier , It's easier to use , A lot of engineers like it Linkerd, therefore Rancher Relevant support will also be provided . at present Github It has been published on Rio Source code of , Interested friends can take a look .

Rancher, More secure and stable container platform

Although Istio As a representative of the service grid products, the prospect is considerable , But Liang Sheng believes that , At present, the market of service grid is still relatively early , For all that , It doesn't mean Rancher The competitive pressure in the service grid market is smaller than that in other markets . With the rise of Internet enterprises , Traditional big companies have abandoned the traditional slow response to market changes , Become very sensitive . From the current situation , Containers and microservices include Service
Mesh The market is not big , But it's clear to everyone , Traditional big companies Service
Mesh, We still attach great importance to emerging markets . on the other hand , Liang Shengze believed that , For the image Rancher For such a technological innovation company , Do you really care about competition or competition with other similar companies , The marketing tools of these companies , Executive capacity , Implementation speed , They are all very powerful , In many cases, big companies can't compare .

Liang Sheng concluded ,Rancher Services provided , include Istio,Rio as well as Rancher Open source , The goal is to get more people to use these products , After more users , Product quality can be improved , In this way, we can make the product more universal , The road of productization , It can also provide better services to paid users .Rancher The services provided are not very good , But the value of running services on it is high , therefore Rancher It's all up to you , Survive by providing value to users , and Rancher The main value for users is to ensure the stability and security of the platform , This has won many large enterprise users, such as Huawei , SAIC , Golden wind technology, etc Gartner,Forrest Such a well-known consulting company recognized by the industry ,Rancher It will also follow such a road .