MQ2009 introduce

use MQ command :mqrc 2009
2009 0x000007d9 MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN express MQ Disconnection , The official reason is that the network is disconnected .
MQ2009 Causes

Network disconnection
Make sure the network is in good condition

MQ Server connection timeout
MQ The server and client program will send heartbeat notification regularly ( default 5 second ), If MQ The server cannot receive heartbeat notification in time , You will be disconnected from the client program , It can also lead to MQ2009 error .

see mq Error log path :
/var/mqm/qmgrs/ Queue manager name /errors
AMQ9513: Maximum number of channels reached .

resolvent :

modify MQ Number of channels /var/mqm/qmgrs/ Queue manager name /qm.ini

enlarge MQ The maximum number of connection channels and the maximum number of active connection channels

(1) stop it MQ Queue manager
endmqm -i Queue manager name
(2) modify MQ Queue manager
vi /var/mqm/qmgrs/ Queue manager name /qm.ini Save after modifying the following CHANNELS: MaxChannels=2000
(3) start-up MQ Queue manager ( Bring the amendment into effect )
strmqm Queue manager name

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