There are various email suppliers in the group , Then from what aspects to investigate whether a group enterprise mailbox is high quality and practical , for example : Does group enterprise mailbox have international , Sending and receiving mail overseas is blocked , Special attention should be paid to international and overseas business or leaders who need to travel abroad . Spam interception is not intelligent , There are more junk business emails than work mails when you come back from a holiday . Unstable service , Failure and low efficiency , Affect the normal sending and receiving, etc . All of the above , I think a good group email should be as follows :

First of all, this is the mailbox of group enterprises , There should be a distinction between public and private , In order to handle official and private affairs professionally and efficiently , At present, most of the company groups I know will use corporate email .

The core function of group enterprise mailbox is to send and receive e-mail , The mailbox has been updated and optimized for many years . Take sending and receiving e-mail overseas ,TOM Enterprise mailbox has high international credibility of high quality IP resources , Intelligent selection security technology and DNS Intelligent analysis technology , At the same time, overseas agency service and other services will be used , Speed up customers' access to corporate email overseas , So that overseas mailbox users can use the fast and convenient mailbox service anywhere in the world .

It must be mentioned that , As a group enterprise mailbox , Safety is the key factor to show whether it is easy to use . Corporate email stolen , poisoning , Enterprises can't bear to receive spam frequently . In terms of security, there are still differences between each mailbox ,
TOM Enterprise mailbox provides unlimited member mailbox space , contain 2G General accessories , Mobile e-mail Office , Enterprise mailbox can be set to include enterprise name ,logo, Background map , Top hyperlink , Personalized landing home page with hyperlinks at the bottom , Help to establish the image of the company in the hearts of customers .

In terms of service , Group enterprise mailbox has professional sales personnel , Technical support personnel before and after sales , Customer service staff . Before that, our company encountered the problem of opening value-added mailbox service , It's the call center , They send the corresponding sales and technical personnel to provide solutions for our company , The whole process was very professional , Can quickly solve our problems . Above mentioned by TOM Enterprise mailbox sorting

TOM Corporate email is also close to 20 Enterprise e-mail service provider in ,TOM Enterprise mailbox technology in the original TOM On the basis of mailbox , Continuous upgrading and transformation , More perfect and free email , Professional enterprise mailbox in Antivirus , Anti spam and business communication can bring customers the best practical experience , There are more functions developed for the enterprise pain points

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