<> Problem phenomenon

You know , Generally speaking, the lower version Xcode Is unable to debug the high version of the real device .

We usually download the latest iOS DeviceSupport file , Put in Xcode In the corresponding directory of .

But if you can't find the latest DeviceSupport What about the documents ?

<> problem analysis

The reason for the problem is simple , Is the lack of the corresponding version of the real debugging support files .

It is usually downloaded from the Internet or from the latest Xcode Copy the file in , But if the new version of the release time is very short , It can't be downloaded from the internet yet , Or you don't want to download it 7,8GB Of XCode, What about it ?

Take a chestnut , When writing this article iOS 13.5.1(17F80) It wasn't long before it was released , The debugging support files for this version cannot be found on the Internet .

What I developed is 12 Year's MBA, Storage only 128GB, It's almost full , Unable to download the latest Xcode, Let alone download and unzip .

my Xcode The version is 11.3.1,Mac The system version is Mojave 10.14.6, therefore Xcode The version can no longer be updated .

My real machine is upgraded to 13.5.1 after , use Xcode Debug prompt for current version of Xcode Cannot support debugging 13.5.1 Version of the device , The prompt is similar to the following :

The version of iOS on “xxx xxx” does not match any of the versions of iOS
supported for development with this installation of the iOS SDK. Please restore
the devic

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