I still think ,“ college entrance examination ” It is the fairest selection mechanism in China . at least , Through it , I've made a big turn in my life .

As far as I'm concerned , If there is no college entrance examination , Today I may not be sitting in front of the computer typing code , Write my favorite programs . I think , I'll probably be like my father and mother , Hard work in the fields .


2003 year , My second college entrance examination .

SARS epidemic .

advance 1 Months , black 7 The month turned black for the first time 6 month .

National Textbook Reform .

Leakage of papers , Enable standby volume .

Voice over : Yes 03 Children's shoes for college entrance examination ?

2020 year .

COVID-19 .

delay 1 Months , black 6 The month turned black for the first time 7 month .

History is always surprisingly similar .

I can't kill you , It will only make you stronger .

Once upon a time, I have experienced hardships that no one else has experienced , In the future, I can face life more calmly than others .

I'd rather , These sufferings , Come earlier .


Every time I say effort is important , There's always water friends , say : Choice is more important than effort , How hard to move bricks , I can't catch up F Second generation .

Why do you want to be with F Second generation ratio ? I am better today than I was yesterday , I am better tomorrow than I am today , Isn't that the logic ?

Even if it's moving bricks , Try to move bricks , It's better than not trying to move bricks , Wouldn't it be better ?

I've never been a smart person , The year of death , It's a year of problem writing , It's only half a day off a week , Every day 5:30 get up , In the evening, I'll do the questions until one or two , It's trying to use the most stupid way , A year of writing one's own life .

Believe it or not , I believe in it anyway ,“ Unremitting efforts ” There must be better results .


2005 year , Champions League final ,AC Milan VS Liverpool .

It must be an old fan , You should know 05 Year's AC How strong is Milan :

goalkeeper : Dida

guard : Cafu , Stam , Nesta , paolo maldini

midfield : Pirlo , Gattuso , Seedorf , Rui Costa

forward : Kaka , Crespo , Andriy Shevchenko , Inzaghi

first half ,AC Milan 3:0 lead .

second half , Liverpool 3:3 Level up , And won the penalty shoot out .

After the game, the Liverpool players said , Never forget , At halftime ,AC The Rossoneri players are changing and singing the song of victory .

Not to the end , We will never know , Who is the winner .


2004 year 12 month 9 day , Rockets home VS Spurs .

It must be an old fan , You should know 04 How strong is the Spurs in : Duncan , Parker , manu ginobili , Bruce Bowen et al .

however , After this game ,NBA A new term has been added , call “ T-MAC time ”,35 Second slash 13 The great reversal of points .

Official rocket product ,“ T-MAC time ” review

Really? , Don't hand in your paper in advance , There was once a man , last 35 second , Got it 13 branch .

college entrance examination , Today is the last day , Boys , come on .

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