Serial number abbreviation full pinyin chinese
1 eMBB Enhanced Mobile Broadband Enhanced mobile broadband
2 mMTC massive Machine Type of Communication Massive machine communication ( Large scale Internet of things )
3 URLLC Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication Ultra high reliability and ultra low delay communication
4 UE User Equipment User equipment
5 NB Node B 3G base station
6 eNB evolved Node B 4G base station
7 gNB generation Node B 5G base station
8 5G-RAN 5G Radio Access Network 5G Wireless access network
9 5G AN 5G Access Network 5G Access network
10 5GC 5G Core Network 5G Core network
11 5G NR 5G New Radio 5G Xinkongkou
12 SA Stand alone Independent networking
13 NSA Non-Stand alone Non independent networking
14 OTN Optical Transport Network Optical transport network
15 SPN Slicing Packet Network Sliced packet network
16 SPL Slicing Packet Layer) Slice grouping layer
17 SCL Slicing Channel Layer) Slice channel layer
18 STL Slicing Transport Layer) Slice transport layer
19 PTN Packet Transport Network Packet transport network
20 SDN Software Defined Network Software Defined Network
21 NFV Network Functions Virtualization Network function virtualization
22 NB-IoT  Narrow Band Internet of Things Narrow band Internet of things
23 DU Distributed Unit Distribution unit
24 CU Centralized Unit Centralized unit
25 RU Antenna Unit Antenna unit
26 RAN Radio Access Network Wireless access network
27 D-RAN Distributed RAN Distributed wireless access network
28 C-RAN Centralized RAN Centralized wireless access network
29 CloudRAN CloudRAN Cloud wireless access network
30 UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network UMTS Land wireless access network
31 EUTRAN Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network Evolutionary UMTS Land wireless access network
32 FlexE Flex Ethernet Flexible Ethernet Technology
33 SR Segment Routing Segmented routing
34 AMF Access and Mobility Management Function Access to mobile management function
35 AUSF Authentication Server Function Authentication server function
36 SMF Session Management Function Session management function
37 UPF User Plane Function User plane function
38 PCF Policy Control function Policy control function
39 UDM Unified Data Management Unified data management
40 MME Mobility Management Entity Mobility management entity
41 SGW Serving GateWay Service gateway
42 PGW Packet Data Network Gateway Packet gateway
43 PDN Packet Data Network Packet data network
44 PDN-GW PDN Gateway PDN session management
45 PCRF Policy and Charging Rules Function Policy and billing rule function unit
46 HSS Home Subscriber Server Home Subscriber Server
47 HLR Home Location Register Home location register
48 NEF Network Exposure Function Network open function
49 SCEF Service Capability Exposure Function Open function of service capability
50 NRF Network Repository Function Network storage function
51 NSSF Network Slice Selection Function Network slice selection function
52 PCF Policy Control function Policy control function
53 AF Application Function Application function
54 DN Data Network data network
55 RRC Radio Resource Control Radio resource control
56 RLC Radio Link Control Wireless link control
57 MAC Media Access Control Media access control
58 PHY Physical physical layer
59 SAP Service access point Service access point
60 BTS Base Transceiver Station Base station transceiver
61 BSC Base Station Controller Base station controller
62 GPRS General Packet Radio Service General packet radio service technology
63 SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node service GPRS Supported nodes
64 GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node gateway GPRS Supported nodes
65 RNC Radio Network Controller Wireless network controller
66 EPC Evolved Packet Core Evolving packet core network
67 BBU Base band Unite Baseband processing unit
68 RRU Remote Radio Unit Remote RF module
69 RFU Radio Frequency Unit RF unit
70 AAU Active Antenna Unit Active antenna unit
71 DUDU DC Distribution Unit DC distribution unit
72 CPRI Common Public Radio Interface Common public radio interface
73 eCPRI enhanced CPRI Enhanced CPRI
74 PDCP Packet Data Convergence Protocol Packet data aggregation protocol
75 PFCP Packet Forwarding Control Protocol Packet forwarding control protocol
76 EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol Extensible Authentication Protocol
77 SLA Service-Level Agreement Service level agreement
78 EVM Error Vector Magnitude Error vector amplitude
79 NFC Near Field Communication Near field communication
80 MEC Multi-access Edge Computing Edge computing
81 RRC Radio Resource Control Radio resource control
82 RLC Radio Link Control Wireless link control layer protocol
83 RF Radio Frequency radio frequency
84 FR1 Frequency Range 1 Sub6GHz Frequency band ( Low frequency band )
85 FR2 Frequency Range 2 Millimeter wave ( High frequency band )
86 WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing Wavelength division multiplexing
87 DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing dense wavelength division multiplexing
88 PDSCH Physical Downlink Shared Channel Downlink physical shared channel
89 PUSCH Physical Uplink Shared Channel Uplink physical shared channel
90 PDCCH Physical Downlink Control Channel Downlink physical control channel
91 PUCCH  Physical Uplink Control Channel Uplink physical control channel
92 PBCH Physical Broadcast Channel Physical broadcast channel
93 PHICH Physical Hybrid ARQ Indicator Channel Physics HARP Indication channel
94 PMCH  Physical Multicast channel Physical multicast channel
95 PRACH  Physical Random Access Channel Physical random access channel
96 PCFICH Physical control Format Indicator Channel Physical control format indication channel
97 RS Reference Signal reference signal ( Pilot signal )
98 DMRS Downlink Demodulation Reference Signal Downlink demodulation reference signal
99 UMRS Uplink Demodulation Reference Signal Uplink demodulation reference signal
100 SRS Sounding Reference Signal  Detection reference signal
101 PT-RS Phase Tracking Reference Signal Phase tracking reference signal
102 CSI-RS Channel state information reference signal Channel state information reference signal
103 PSS Primary Synchronization Signal Main synchronous signal
104 SSS Secondary Synchronization Signal secondary synchronization signal
105 MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching Multi protocol label switching
106 PA Power Amplifier RF power amplifier
107 OTA Over The Air Air performance test
108 TDD Time-division Duplex Time division duplex
109 FDD Frequency-division Duplex Frequency division duplex
110 LDPC Low-density Parity-check Low density parity check codes
111 Polar Polar Polarization code
112 OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology
113 F-OFDM Filtered-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with subband filtering
114 UF-OFDM UniversalFiltered-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Universal filter orthogonal frequency division multiplexing  
115 FB-OFDM Filter Bank-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing of filter banks
116 FBMC Filter-bank multicarrier Filter bank multicarrier Technology
117 PDMA Pattern Division Multiple Access Pattern division multiple access
118 NOMA Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Non orthogonal multiple access
119 SCMA Sparse Code Multiple Access Sparse code division multiple access
120 MUSA Multi-User Shared Access Multi user shared access
121 LPWAN Low-Power Wide-Area Network Low power Wan
122 LPN Low-Power Network Low power network
123 LWIP Light Weigh IP Protocol light IP agreement

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