People's Bank of China 20 Japanese expression , We will study the multi scenario application of digital currency , Strive for the early launch of digital currency issued by the central bank .

The information was held by the central bank on the same day “ Seminar on digital currency of the people's Bank of China ” Published on . Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan , Fan Yifei, vice president of the central bank, digital currency research experts from Citibank and Deloitte and other institutions attended the meeting . The topic of discussion is the overall framework of digital currency issuance , National digital currency in currency evolution , Special topics such as cryptocurrency issued by the state .

Requirements of the meeting ,“ Further clarify the strategic goal of the central bank to issue digital currency , Do a good job in tackling key technologies , Research on multi scenario application of digital currency , Strive for the early launch of digital currency issued by the central bank . The design of digital currency should be based on economy , The principle of convenience and safety , Ensure the low cost of digital currency application , Wide coverage , Seamless connection between digital currency and other payment instruments , Enhance the applicability and vitality of digital currency ”.

The meeting held that , Issuing digital currency can reduce the issue of traditional paper money , High cost of circulation , Enhance the convenience and transparency of economic transactions , Reducing money laundering , Tax evasion and other illegal and criminal acts , Enhance the central bank's control over money supply and currency circulation , Better support for economic and social development , Helping to realize inclusive finance in an all-round way . future , Digital currency issuance , The establishment of circulation system will also help to build a new financial infrastructure in China , Further improve China's payment system , Improve the efficiency of payment and settlement , Promote economic quality, efficiency and upgrading .

The meeting revealed that , The central bank has 2014 Established digital currency research team in , And 2015 At the beginning of the year, we further strengthened our strength , For digital currency issuance and business operation framework , Key technologies of digital currency , Circulation environment of digital currency , Legal problems faced by digital currency , The influence of digital currency on economic and financial system , The relationship between legal digital currency and private digital currency , The experience of issuing digital currency in the world has been deeply studied , Phased results have been achieved .

The reason why the central bank studies digital currency is that ,“ With the development of information technology and mobile Internet , Trusted and controllable cloud computing , Terminal secure storage , The evolution of blockchain and other technologies , Great changes have taken place in the payment methods all over the world , The development of digital currency is bringing new opportunities and challenges to the central bank's currency issuance and monetary policy ”.

21 According to a material obtained by century economic reporter from Deloitte , Blockchain is the distributed account book technology behind bitcoin , It is a way to record transactions and data information interaction . Blockchain exists on the Internet , Open to all users , But highly secure , No tampering . Can be used to record identity information , Custody of assets and smart contracts, etc , Helping people , The point-to-point transaction and exchange between objects is realized , The exchange of value can be completed without the intervention of a third party .

Digital currency has gone beyond the scope of traditional credit currency issued by the central bank and transferred through financial systems such as banks .

21 The reporter of century economic report learned , At this seminar , Experts introducing blockchain and other related technologies , Innovation from Citibank Lab , Deloitte China and other institutions , Just citicoin , Blockchain and its global development trend are introduced . The central bank announcement also showed that , Digital currency research related parties include “ Relevant international institutions ”, Internet enterprises , Relevant financial institutions at home and abroad , Traditional card based Payment institutions .

Blockchain and other digital currency technologies have been paid attention to and studied internationally . NASDAQ , JPMorgan Chase , Citibank , UBS group , Global financial giants, including Goldman Sachs, are busy setting up blockchain labs , Competing to invest in technology companies . For example, the US stock market NASDAQ (NASDAQ) The private market blockchain project was released Linq, Is a digital distribution account technology , Using blockchain to promote the issuance of private enterprise stock transfer in the market of NASDAQ private trading platform , Classification and recording . Multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs (GOLDman
SaChs) The submission is based on the new cryptocurrency “SETLcoin” Patent application for securities settlement system on , as report goes , The system allows participants of the same level to exchange cryptographic symbols representing securities , Complete timely settlement .

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