Ideal career flow chart of 12 constellations

The flow chart is mainly summarized 12 Ideal occupation of each constellation in the constellation , Divide its constellations by its birth date , Then divide the personality , If you want to know your ideal career, you can refer to it .
1, Aries : Athletes
Aries is not satisfied with the plain life , Strong and brave , I like to work hard , So the ideal career is athlete .
2, Taurus : Horticulturist
Taurus loves a quiet, idyllic life , Love nature , The process ability is very strong , So the ideal job is gardening .
3, Gemini : Cameraman
Gemini has an active mind , Has a unique creative ability and keen perception , So the ideal career is cameraman .
4, Cancer : A poet
Cancer's emotional delicacy , Like to imagine , Indulge in magical and confusing stories and Adventures , So the ideal career is music or poetry creator .
5, leo : Diplomat or banker
Leo is not willing to be ordinary , All one's life is for lofty ideal and sacred mission , So the ideal career is diplomat or banker .
6, Virgo : Medical workers
Virgo calm and serious , Have a strong thirst for knowledge , Pay attention to details , So the ideal career is a medical worker .
7, libra : Fashion performer
Libra pursues everything beautiful , I like elegant life style , So the ideal career is an art or fashion show worker .
8, scorpio : engineer
Scorpio is full of courage and perseverance , Never be discouraged , Don't admit defeat easily , So the ideal career is engineer .
9, sagittarius : Racer
Sagittarius yearns for a free life , Like to do whatever you want , So the ideal career is a racer .
10, Capricornus : Archaeologist or politician
Capricorn is serious , Deep thinking , Doing things in an orderly way , So the ideal career is archaeologist or politician .
11, aquarius : Mystic direction or philosopher
Aquarius has a unique idea , Independent innovation , fertility of mind , Don't drift with the tide , So the ideal profession is the direction of mysticism or philosopher .
12, Pisces : A dancer or philanthropist
Pisces is imaginative , Elegant interest , Kind and soft hearted , So the ideal career is a dancer or a charity worker .