Web Development technology architecture

large web Dynamic application of system architecture , It is relative to the static content of the website , It refers to c/c++,php,Java,perl,.net Network application software developed by server language , For example, the forum , Online photo album .
1, study Web Development principle , include MVC/MTV etc. Web frame ; 2, study Django Web frame , From technical principle to project practice ; 3, study Django Templates,Views,Models,Admin Etc .
Put the whole web All the knowledge required for front-end development is in one view , Form a complete web Front end knowledge system , The goal is to subvert people's three big blocks of the front end (html,css,js) Understanding of .
1. master Web Basic concepts and knowledge of .2. be familiar with C/S Models and models B/S The structure of patterns .3. Learn about common Web development tool .4. understand Web Basic technology of development .
Java web development , Yes, it is Java Technology to solve the problem web The sum of technologies in the field of Internet .web include :web Server and web Client two parts .