Tree network topology

Tree topology (tree topology): A local area network topology similar to bus topology . A tree network can contain branches , Each branch can contain multiple nodes .
Tree topology is a hierarchical structure . In the network of tree structure , There is no loop between any two nodes , Each channel supports two-way transmission , The characteristic of this structure is easy to expand , flexible , Low cost , Easy to promote , It is suitable for hierarchical relationship of primary and secondary or hierarchical .
Tree network topology structure is that network nodes are arranged in tree , It looks like an upward tree . Tree network topology is an extension of bus structure .
Tree network topology evolved from bus topology , Shaped like an upside down tree , The top is the root , There are branches below the root , Each branch can also be sub branched . It is an extension of the bus structure , It is formed by adding branches on the bus network , There are many kinds of transmission media .