System business flow chart

Business flow chart , It is also called business flow chart , It is a description of the business relationship between personnel and units in the system , Management information and work sequence .
System flow chart is a traditional tool to describe system physical model . Its basic idea is to use graphic symbols to describe each specific component in the system , Express the flow of data between the various components of the system .
System analysts often need to draw various flow charts in their work , One of the common and important is the system flow chart . So what is the system flow chart ? System flow diagram is a kind of general diagram describing the physical model of a system , It is usually used to describe the system to be developed . In the form of a black box, each part of the system is depicted with graphical symbols , To express the flow of data among the components of the system .
Business flow chart (TFD) Is a description of the units within the management system , Business relationship between people , Chart of job sequence and management information flow . It uses some prescribed symbols and lines to represent the processing process of a specific business , Help analysts find out the unreasonable flow direction in the business process .