System flow chart

System flow chart ( Also known as business flow chart ) During feasibility analysis , The system flow chart is usually used to describe the system to be developed . be used for Describe the process flow of the project , Range , Functions, etc .
System flow chart is a traditional tool to describe system physical model . Its basic idea is to use graphic symbols to describe each specific component in the system in the form of a black box ( program , file , database , form , Artificial process, etc ), Express the flow of data between the various components of the system .
The flow chart of the system expresses the flow of data among the components of the system , Instead of controlling data processing Cheng .
BPMS( Business process system ) It not only covers the process customization , release , Manage configuration , function , The whole process of monitoring , The process is also provided KPI Interface , It is convenient to evaluate the five elements of the process ( time , quality , number , risk , cost ) And others KPI Collection of indicators .