Software development cycle

Software life cycle (Software Life Cycle,SLC) It is the life cycle of software from generation to end of life . Problem definition in software life cycle , feasibility analysis , General description , system design , code , Commissioning and testing , Acceptance and operation , Maintenance upgrade to scrap, etc
A software product or software system also has to undergo breeding , be born , grow up , mature , The stage of decline and decline , It is generally called software life cycle ( Software life cycle ). The whole software life cycle is divided into several stages , So that each stage has a clear task , Make it big , Software development with complex structure and management becomes easy to control and manage .
Software maintenance includes corrective maintenance and improved maintenance . As for the software development cycle , It is necessary to refer to the complex procedures of the project . The short term is one and a half months , The length is one and a half years . in short , It is determined by looking at the requirements .
Software development process is the general process of software design ideas and methods , Including software requirements analysis , The function of design software and the algorithm and method of realization , The overall structure design and module design of the software , Coding and debugging , Program joint debugging, testing and writing , Submit procedures and other operations to meet customer needs and solve customer problems