Project microservice architecture

Microservice architecture is based on the existing problems of current products , For rapid development , Massive users , A lot of data , Low latency and other practical needs of Internet applications , Through the business architecture , system architecture , Infrastructure , Technical architecture design , Completely solve system decoupling , Low performance and other problems , It also supports cloud computing deployment , It can satisfy high concurrency , High availability , High stability .
There is no official definition of microservices , It can be understood as an architectural style , A large complex software application is composed of one or more microservices . Each microservice in the system can be deployed independently , Microservice architecture is a new technology to deploy applications and services in the cloud . Most of the debates about microservices focus on whether containers or other technologies can implement microservices well . Microservices can be used in “ Own program ” Run in , And passed “ Lightweight devices and HTTP type API Communicate ”.
Create application services around business model , Application services can be developed independently , iteration , deploy . Make the structure of the project clearer and clearer . Advantages of micro service : A single service corresponds to a single business function , Easy to understand , development , maintain .
Microservice is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) A variation of architecture style , Construct an application as a set of loosely coupled services . In microservice architecture , Services are fine-grained , The protocol is lightweight .