Site map

A site map is a container for all links to a site . Many websites have deep connection levels , It's hard for reptiles to grasp , Site map can be convenient for crawlers to grab web pages , By crawling the website page , Clearly understand the structure of the website , The site map is usually stored in the root directory and named sitemap, Guide the way for reptiles , Increase the collection of important content pages of the website . The site map is based on the structure of the site , frame , content , Generated navigation page file . Site maps are good for improving the user experience , They direct visitors to the site , And help lost visitors find the page they want to see .
There are many ways to generate site maps on the Internet , For example, online generation , Software generation, etc ,sitemap Maps can be submitted to major search engines , So that the search engine better on the site page Included , We can also go through robots.txt To tell search engines where the map is . Upload the website map to the root directory of the website , The key is to add the link address of the website map in the robots File and do a good site map in the page to facilitate the spider to grasp the location , Generally put the site map in the header and footers .
1, Search engines make crawlers crawl on the Internet to grab pages every day , The function of site map is to construct a convenient and fast channel for reptiles , Because the site page is a layer of links , There may be dead links , If there is no site map , Crawler crawls in a page because of dead link crawling , So you can't include those broken links on the page .
2, The existence of site map is not only to satisfy the view of search engine crawler , It is more convenient for visitors to visit the website , In particular, for example, the door type website, because of the amount of information, many visitors are through the site map to find the information page they need , This can also improve the user experience .
3, Site maps can increase the weight of linked pages , Because site maps are links to other pages , At this point, the site map adds an import link to the page , We all know that the increase of import links will affect the weight of the page , So as to increase the weight of the page , The increase of the weight of the page will also improve the coverage rate of the page .