Distribution purchase order flow chart

Sales order , How to use purchase order , Function introduction : Sales order is the enterprise's sales order , The name of the sales item sent to the customer in advance , Specifications , number , Price , Delivery date , Location and other information services .
When a third party sells (Third Party Sales) After the order of , Purchase requisition will be generated at the same time (PR), At this point, two-way operation will be formed , Deliver and post sales orders all the way , The other way to complete the relevant procurement process .
Now the customer has placed some orders , This is the sales order , Should be able to turn into a purchase order , But now you can export it from the sales order , It can also be imported into the purchase order .
Customer orders , The sales department has confirmed the sales order and submitted it to the production management department for processing ; 2, The product manager of the production management department according to the sales order , Preparation of production notice .