Flow chart of rabies prevention and treatment

Guidelines for prevention and disposal of rabies exposure : rabies (Rabies) Also known as mad dog disease , It is an acute zoonotic disease caused by rabies virus of Rhabdoviridae .
Prevention of rabies , First of all, we should manage the source of infection , For your own dogs and cats , Vaccination should be carried out , If after being bitten by a dog or a cat , Early treatment of wound should be carried out in time , use 20% It's a good disinfectant to wash with soapy water , Then rinse the wound with disinfectant , Next we're going to the epidemic prevention station .
For other parts of the dog scratch , Licking and saliva contaminated old and new wounds , They should be treated as bite . After the above wound treatment , The wounded should be sent to the nearby hospital or health and epidemic prevention station as soon as possible for rabies vaccine injection .
Rabies vaccine is a kind of rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum which is inoculated after being bitten by animals , Prevention of rabies infection . Rabies is an acute zoonotic disease caused by rabies virus , Wide popularity , The mortality rate is very high , It is a serious threat to people's life and health .
There is no effective treatment for rabies , Once you get sick , almost 100% All patients will die timely , science , The most effective way to prevent rabies is to carry out standardized prevention and treatment after exposure .