Turnover flow chart

Employee turnover flow chart turnover types include : resignation , expiration of contract , Dismissal and Retirement Category I : Flow chart of resignation employees , Employees to be resigned , Employing Department , Human Resources Department , Regular staff one month in advance ,, Employees in probation period fill in resignation application three days in advance .
Any human resource management flow chart of the company , Departure date , Collect and fill in 《 Turnover form 》 Determine employee departure date 《 Employee turnover form 》 Sign on to confirm data sorting and filing , Completion of resignation procedures .
A complete flow chart of human resource work . Starting from each module of employee's entry to resignation , Sort out each work flow in detail . General flow chart of human resources department , Employee entry - Exit trajectory flow chart .
Employee turnover flow chart , Resignation application or notice , Dismissal , resignation , Self separation , Dismissal , expel , List submitted by Department , Please fill in the application form in person , The Department shall fill in the notice , Approved by department head , The administration and personnel department shall open the bill or certificate .