Program flow chart

Program flow chart

Program flow chart is also called program block diagram , It is a graphic representation of the specific steps of a program running with unified standard symbols . The design of program block diagram is based on processing flow chart , Through the detailed analysis of input and output data and processing process , Identify the main operation steps and contents of the computer .

Illustration of flow chart of program basic structure , No matter what programming language , There are all kinds of programming 3 Basic structure of species : Sequential structure , Selection structure and circulation structure . Characteristics of three basic structures : An entrance , An exit , There is no dead loop .

Flow chart is the most basic in program analysis , The most important analysis technology , It is the most basic tool in the process of process program analysis .

The process flow chart uses the process diagram symbols to make detailed records of the whole manufacturing process on the production site , In order to adjust the parts , Operation of products in the whole manufacturing process , carry , test , Storage , Waiting for detailed research and analysis , In particular, it is used to analyze the handling distance and waiting , Storage, etc “ Hidden costs ” Waste of .