Product development flow chart

Product development process (Product Development Process) Product development process refers to the imagination that enterprises use , The sequence of steps or activities in designing and commercializing a product .
The product development process involves people from product manager to designer , front end , The back end, and so on , This article focuses on the complete process of product development , It is hoped that it can be used for reference for people in various positions .
Many product managers don't pay much attention to functional flowcharts , Requirements documents that often interact with R & D and testing are often not reflected , This is not right , Especially when it comes to responsible processes , A complete flow chart is required , It needs to follow the process of modules one by one .
Product development process refers to the process from the beginning to the formation of the product , By using the flow chart to record it, we can achieve a good recording effect , The product can be developed smoothly , It can be more convenient for later inspection .