Production management flow chart

Production management process is very professional , Systematic science , Involving production plan , Production material control , Production operation implementation , Production quality management , Six management links of production equipment management and production safety protection .
Objective production process management : After receiving the customer's production plan , Arrange material purchase , Confirm production schedule , And ensure customer delivery time .
Production management includes logistics management , Production process management , Quality Assurance , Production safety management .
Enterprises have a basic understanding of the seven major contents of production management process , The concept , objective , Range , Rights and responsibilities , Work content , Related documents and related forms .
Lean production , Emphasis on full participation , team work , To eliminate all waste in the production process as the starting point , Pursuing zero switching waste , Zero inventory , zero defect ; Carry out flexible production , Through Kanban management and other ways , Carry out logistics on production site , Production rhythm control , Achieve Workshop Logistics Balance .