Mobile phone development and production flow chart

Mobile phone design companies generally need the most basic seven departments :ID,MD,HW,SW,PM,Sourcing,QA.
1,ID(Industry Design) industrial design
Including the appearance of the phone , texture of material , feel , Color matching , The realization of the main interface and the color design .
2,MD(Mechanical Design) Structural design
Front case of mobile phone , Rear shell , Selection of camera lens position of mobile phone , Fixed way , How to connect the battery , Thickness of mobile phone . If it's a slide phone , How to make mobile phone slide up , How to realize the automatic ejection ,SIM How to insert and pull the card , These are the categories of mobile phone structure design . Cumbersome parts need MD Our staff are very familiar with the material and technology .
3,HW(Hardware) hardware design
The main hardware design circuit and antenna , and HW It's about MD Maintain regular communication .
4,SW(Software) software design
relatively speaking ,SW It's easier to understand , Because of the popularity of computers , Let's get the most out of all kinds of software , Mode of mobile phone operation interface , We often see the realization of mobile phone nine official grid operation menu , These are all SW Category of design .
5,PM(Project Management) project management
Large scale companies PM They were all very detailed ,PM This department usually exists in those who design themselves , Self production , Companies that sell their own mobile phones .
6,Sourcing Resource Development Department
The staff of the resource development department are constantly exploring new resources , Nu Skin Material , New mobile phone components , Testing equipment, etc , When the mobile phone starts trial production , They want to make sure that all the production materials needed on the production line are available .
7,QA(Quality Assurance) Quality Supervision
QA The Department is responsible for the quality assurance of the whole process , Supervise and urge the development process to meet the scheduled process , Ensure the producibility of the project , There are a lot of new phones , I gave up because I met some factor that couldn't be produced .