Online Functional architecture of payment system

The complexity and stability of the basic system of payment business is the basis of whether the payment business can be handled timely and safely , The functional framework of the payment system collects Alipay's system architecture .
Complete payment system architecture ! Classification by product , Module function and business process , Understand the design of payment products and services .
Payment system to merge compliance , Ease of use , Security as one , It must be considered comprehensively in the preliminary design . The architecture diagram of payment system is the architecture reference of general payment system .
Payment product module provides payment services for business parties according to payment scenarios . This module is usually located behind the payment gateway , Before payment channels . It encapsulates different payment channels into a unified architecture according to the payment capacity .
The core of payment system is the safe transfer of funds between accounts , therefore , Mobile payment system architecture should focus on account system , Combined with the basic characteristics of mobile payment to build .