Organization chart

Organization chart is to divide the enterprise into several parts , And indicate the possible relationships between the parts . The various relations mentioned here include the relationship between the leaders of the upper and lower levels ( Organization chart ), Logistics relations , The relationship between capital flow and data transmission . All of these relationships are accompanied by information flow , That's what investigators are most concerned about . Based on the organization chart , Make a picture of each internal connection , Or add a variety of contact symbols to the organization chart , To better reflect , Express the true relationship between departments . An organization chart is not a simple organization chart , When describing the organization chart, it should be noted that the subordinate relationship between departments should not be simply expressed . The organization chart can make people clear about their work in the organization , Strengthen their desire to participate in the work , People in other departments can also understand , Enhance the coordination of the organization . 

The software for making organization chart includes WORD, VISIO,WPS OFFICE etc . The software is very easy to find . among ,Word and WPS in , Organization chart making plug-in tools are embedded , But if you use one of the drawing tools to make , It might be more beautiful , It's just a little slower .Visio The efficiency of making organization chart by software is high , Simple and convenient , It is worth recommending .
Some people try to use graphic design software to make organization chart , such as Corel DRAW,PhotoShop Software . Objectively speaking , These software have very powerful drawing function , However, it is not suitable for organization chart . The reason is that the software doesn't provide the tools we want , Make the production process easier . The biggest problem is that , The final documents produced by these software , such as JPG File format , Revise it , Extremely inconvenient . I've seen people use it AUTOCAD Make organization chart , This software does have the advantage of creating an organization chart , But it is too professional for users , It's not easy to master .
Organization chart is mainly used to express the subordination in the organizational structure , Administration , supportive relation , It can also be seen as a logical relationship . And this kind of relationship connects departments or positions by the level of departments or positions “ Logical line ”-- It is shown in the figure that it is a common connecting line -- To express . In the organization chart is the box ( Position or department ) And line . The name of the department or position is in the box , You can also write the name of the official in it , You can even add photos . But it is not recommended to be too specific , Because of the personnel adjustment , Will cause the producer to have to update frequently , otherwise , An organization chart hanging in a meeting room or office , Will cause quite a lot of confusion .

How many organizational charts does a company need to produce ? It depends on the need . There are many companies , Organization chart production to class , Group level . Specifically , Relatively independent units or production units , You can hang organization chart in your own place . This diagram can only capture a part of the company's large structure diagram , And refine this part , In order to facilitate the unit , Unit employees understand management relationships . Speaking of interception , What you should know is how big to cut ? What a lot of people do , It is to intercept the upper level of the unit , Until the end of the unit management . such as , Structural drawing of workshop supervisor suspension , It can be cut up to the manufacturing department , Down to stay wire .