Approval process of Department Manager

Approval process of Department Manager , Through the display of mind map, we can clearly understand the details of each step of the process ;
In Workflow , In process approval , first stage , It is often the Department that guides the approval . But the situation may be different for each department , Small departments usually have only one guide ( A manager or supervisor ) Such as the computer department ; Large departments may have many guides , One big guide takes care of everyone , The guidance of several small points each manages a pair of men and horses , Like the finance department .
If an approval process , It's the mass process , as “ Leave process , Reimbursement process ” Every department needs to use it , So it's like the computer department initiates processes at the same time , Just as long as “ Computer manager ” Approval is enough , And colleagues in the finance department , Maybe we should give it first “ Supervisor approval ”, And then to “ Financial manager approval ”; What should be done when setting up the process .