Indoor humidity control circuit diagram

The principle of humidity control circuit is like a switch , Reaching the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity set by the controller will directly start your load, that is, heating , cooling , humidification , Dehumidification equipment , Generally, the temperature and humidity can be set on the instrument .
Humidity control circuit used with load , The temperature control circuit includes a central control circuit for controlling the operation of the whole circuit , Temperature and humidity sensor for detecting temperature and humidity .
Single way dew ( humidity ) control , When the humidity is too high or there is a tendency of condensation , Automatically turn on the controlled dehumidification device for dehumidification and luminous display , When the humidity drops to the set value, the controlled device will be cut off automatically .
For indoor environment facilities demand , An energy-saving automatic humidity control integrated circuit is designed , Including humidity , water level , Human body infrared detection control circuit and water evaporator control .
Humidity controller , The indoor air humidity is lower than 50% Time , Make the humidifier work automatically ; When the indoor air humidity reaches the set humidity , Turn off the humidifier automatically , So as to control the indoor air humidity in a reasonable space .
The core of the circuit is humidity detection circuit , According to the function, it can be divided into : sensor , Power circuit , Humidity detection / Indication circuit and humidity control circuit , Humidifier , Normally open switch 5 Parts .