flow chart

The idea of using graphical representation algorithm is an excellent method, because thousands of words are not as good as a picture. Flow chart has been applied in assembly language and early basic language environment. Flow chart is the graphic representation of information flow, opinion flow or component flow through a system. In the enterprise, the flow chart is mainly used to illustrate a certain process. This process can be either the process flow of the production line or the management process necessary to complete a task. Flow charts are sometimes referred to as input-output diagrams. The diagram visually describes the specific steps of a working process. Flowcharts are extremely helpful in understanding exactly how things are going and in deciding how to improve the process. This method can be applied to the whole enterprise to track and illustrate the operation mode of the enterprise intuitively. The flow chart uses some standard symbols to represent some types of actions, such as diamond box for decision-making and box for specific activities. But what is more important than these symbols is that the order of the work process must be clearly described. Flowcharts can also be used to design and improve work processes by first drawing what should be done and then comparing it with the actual situation.