flow chart

The idea of using graphic representation algorithm is an excellent method , Because a thousand words is not as good as a picture . Flowcharts in assembly language and early BASIC It is applied in the language environment .

A flowchart is the flow of information through a system , Graphical representation of viewpoint flow or component flow . In the enterprise , Flow chart is mainly used to describe a process . This process can be the process flow of the production line , It can also be a management process necessary to complete a task .

Flowcharts are sometimes referred to as inputs - Output diagram . The diagram visually describes the specific steps of a working process . Flow charts are important for understanding exactly how things work , And deciding how to improve the process is extremely helpful . This approach can be applied across the enterprise , In order to track and illustrate the operation mode of enterprises intuitively .

Flowcharts use standard symbols to represent certain types of actions , For example, the decision is represented by a diamond box , Specific activities are represented by boxes . But more important than these symbols , It is necessary to clearly describe the sequence of work processes . Flow charts can also be used to design and improve work processes , The specific way is to draw out what should be done first , Then compare it with the actual situation .