Flow chart of e-commerce logistics warehousing

Inside the e-commerce warehouse , Its work flow mainly includes order processing , Purchasing operation , Put into storage and put on shelves , In stock management , Picking and packing , Outbound operation , Distribution operation , Return operations and financial accounting operations .
The rapid development of e-commerce , Its supporting facilities and services also need to keep pace , And the most important one is not warehousing , Logistics services such as distribution . Competition among E-commerce , Finally, it turned into the battle of back-end logistics .
E-commerce logistics is a complete set of e-Logistics solutions , As the saying goes ERP system , Electronic logistics display and related operation , Logistics still needs machines and people to carry . E-commerce logistics should start from traditional logistics . At present, although most of the domestic and foreign logistics distribution has crossed the stage of simple door-to-door delivery , But it is still in the traditional sense of logistics distribution .