Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram refers to the diagram of circuit connection indicated by circuit element symbol . The circuit diagram is for people to study , The need of project planning , A kind of schematic layout drawing with physical and electrical standardized symbols to show the composition and relationship of components . The working principle of components can be known from the circuit diagram , For performance analysis , Installing Electronics , Electrical products planning . In designing circuits , Engineers can do it on paper or computer , The actual installation can be carried out after confirmation and improvement . Improvement through debugging , Fix errors , Until success . Circuit simulation software is used for circuit aided design , Virtual circuit experiment , It can improve the efficiency of engineers , Save study time , Make the physical drawing more intuitive .
The circuit diagram is mainly composed of component symbols , Connection , node , The annotation consists of four parts . The component symbol represents the component in the actual circuit , Its shape is not necessarily similar to the actual component , It's not even the same . But it generally shows the characteristics of the components , And the number of pins is consistent with the actual component . The connection represents the wire in the actual circuit , Although it is a line in the schematic diagram , But in the commonly used printed circuit boards, copper foil blocks of various shapes are often not wires , Just like many of the wires in the radio schematic diagram, they are not necessarily linear in the printed circuit board diagram , It can also be a certain shape of copper film . The node represents the connection between several component pins or wires . All component pins connected to the node , wireway , No matter how many , It's all on . Notes are very important in circuit diagrams , All the words in the circuit diagram can be classified into notes — class . If you look at the above pictures, you will find that , There are notes everywhere in the circuit diagram , They are used to describe the type of component , Names, etc .
Circuit diagram has schematic diagram , block diagram , Assembly drawing and printing board drawing, etc
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electric current = Voltage / resistance The letter expression is I=U/R( Ohm's law ) deformation :R=U/I U=IR
resistance = Voltage / electric current
Drawing rules of circuit diagram :1. Signal processing flow direction of circuit diagram ;2. Connecting wires ;3. Methods and steps of identifying circuit diagram of power line and ground wire .