EIP chart

eip The system is based on data , Application as the core , In order to realize the automation of business and business process, multi-functional enterprise information platform .
eip The system provides a step-by-step approach for the informatization construction of enterprises , The path of gradual optimization . At the same time, with the improvement of enterprise management step by step , Step by step optimization . stay EIP On the basis of , Can quickly and conveniently build the internal mail system , customer relationship management , Human resource management , Knowledge document management , Project collaboration management , Office management , Enterprise contract management , Enterprise asset management, etc . Specifically ,eip The system includes the following six aspects : Integrated data platform , Business process platform , Instant messaging platform , Portal publishing platform , Data and content integration platform and safe operation platform .
eip The system can integrate heterogeneous data in different systems , Form new data view according to application requirements , Different data can also be integrated on a unified platform , To avoid information islands . Different systems may be personnel systems , Sales system , It could also be the inventory system , Such as personnel information in the personnel system , Commission information in sales system , Product sales and inventory information in product information base . Data from these systems may be stored in SQL Server In the data , It may also be stored in Orcale,DB2,Access In the database . These heterogeneous applications , Heterogeneous databases are integrated to form meaningful queries , Analysis and statistics .
EIP Providing an integrated platform for data and content . When the user sees the data , You will see various documents and multimedia images related to the data .EIP At the same time, it can modify and annotate documents .