Flow chart of e-commerce business structure

The e-commerce system infrastructure diagram is divided into five parts : Reception , Middle ground , backstage , Foundation support module , Other matching systems .
Flow chart of e-commerce business structure , A business requirement usually covers multiple functional requirements , Front end display involved , Background records and other parts , So business process diagrams are usually complex and detailed , Try to cover all kinds of abnormal conditions .
One of the architecture objectives of Internet e-commerce technology architecture , Business system Architecture design principles , Application Architecture , Infrastructure , Database architecture , Distributed database features , support MySQL,MariaDB,MongoDB Etc .
Generally speaking, the organizational structure of e-commerce refers to enterprises , The overall structure of an organization or team . Specifically, it refers to enterprises , Organization or team management requirements , Control positioning , Under the influence of many factors such as management mode and business requirements , According to internal resources , Intelligent Department formed by business process, etc . E-commerce team to long-term development , Stand firm in the fierce competition , First of all, there must be an organizational structure consistent with the development of the team .