R & D flow chart

Product R & D flow chart project content requirement submission Responsible department marketing department , Operation Department , Product department , General manager and other leaders of the company , program , Responsibility description requirements submission basis : Leadership —— Strategic planning and objectives market , Operation Department .
The R & D of a product needs the cooperation of several different types of work , If there is no good coordination mechanism, it will cause confusion , Delay in product development :
1. Product R & D planning stage . The company's top decision-making level determines the development direction of new products according to customer requirements and market forecast , Data collection by product R & D department , Develop new product R & D plan , After being discussed and approved by the decision-making level, the product design task statement is issued to the product design department , The project manager shall be responsible for the R & D of new products .
2. Design , Trial production , test , Finalization stage . From the design of the sample , technical design , Trial production , Experiment to design improvement , Trial production , This stage of testing is an iterative process .
3. Production technology preparation stage . At the same time of improving the sample design , Some parts can be manufactured in advance .