When a group of people generate new ideas around a particular area of interest , This situation is called brainstorming . Due to the team discussion, there are no binding rules , People can think more freely , Entering a new area of thought , Thus a lot of new ideas and solutions have been produced . When participants have new ideas and ideas , And they said it out loud , Then build new ideas on top of others' ideas . All views are recorded but not criticized . Only when the brainstorming session is over , These ideas and ideas are evaluated . The characteristic of brainstorming is to let the participants open their minds, so that all kinds of ideas can arouse the creative storm in their minds , It can be divided into direct brainstorming and questioning brainstorming , The former is to stimulate creativity as much as possible on the basis of expert group decision-making , The way to generate as many ideas as possible , The latter is an assumption of the former , Questioning the plans one by one , The method of finding its practical feasibility , It's a way to collectively develop creative thinking .
Brainstorming comes from “ Brainstorming ” The word . Brainstorming (Brain-storming) It was first used in psychopathology , Of or relating to the state of insanity of a mentally ill person , Now it turns to unrestricted free association and discussion , Its purpose is to produce new ideas or stimulate innovative ideas . Brainstorming method is also called intellectual stimulation method ,BS method , Free thinking .