Concept map

Concept map (concept map) Is a concept represented by nodes , The graphic method of connecting lines to represent the relationship between concepts . The theoretical basis of concept map is Ausubel Learning theory of . The construction of knowledge starts from the observation and recognition of things by existing concepts . Learning is to build a concept network , Constantly add new content to the network . In order to make learning meaningful , The individual learner must associate new knowledge with learned concepts .Ausubel The leading organizers of the project advocated using a big picture , First, the most general concepts are presented , And then gradually show the details and specific things .
Concept maps are widely used for brainstorming in education and business (brain-storming) And convey some complex concepts .
Concept maps are considered to be helpful for creative thinking . for example , Concept mapping is sometimes used as a brainstorming tool . Although concept maps are usually very personal and individual , But it can also be used to communicate complex concepts .
Formal concept maps are also used in software design . Usually, this concept map will use Unified Modeling Language(UML) As a notation system in the development method .
In the research of artificial intelligence and semantic web , Concept mapping is also regarded as a kind of primary “ Ontological construction (ontology-building)” Demonstration in the form of representation (formal argument).
Concept map and mind map (mind map) It's a similar conceptual drawing (idea mapping) tool , But there are still differences . Mind maps are usually limited to depicting classes ( Tree ) Relationship of Architecture , The concept map highlights the concept nodes and relationship lines ( That is, one true graph structure ).