Overall architecture of cloud platform

The architecture of cloud computing is composed of 5 Part composition , They are application layer , Platform layer , Resource layer , User access layer and management layer , The essence of cloud computing is to provide services through the network , So its architecture is service-oriented .
The accepted cloud architecture is divided into infrastructure layers , Platform layer and software service layer . The corresponding name is IaaS,PaaS and SaaS.IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service.
IaaS It mainly includes computer server , Communication equipment , Storage devices, etc , Computing power that can be provided to users on demand , Storage capacity or network capability, etc IT Infrastructure services , That is, services that can be provided at the infrastructure level .
PaaS, Platform as a Service, Platform as a service . In the traditional computer architecture “ Hardware + operating system / development tool + Application software ” From the perspective of , Then the platform layer of cloud computing should provide functions similar to operating system and development tools . In terms of system architecture ,PaaS Cloud platform is mainly divided into micro service architecture ,Docker Container technology ,DveOps tripartite .
SaaS, Software as a service . In short , It is a software application mode that provides software services through the Internet . In this mode , Users don't need to spend a lot of money on hardware , Software and development team building , Cloud platform providers provide computing in their own data centers , Storage or network transmission services , Customers connect through the network , Using services provided by cloud platform .
The overall architecture of cloud platform solution is mainly composed of hardware infrastructure , operating system , Cloud platform , Composition of cloud management cluster platform .
Cloud computing platform is a service mode of resources , This mode can be realized anytime, anywhere , Easily and on-demand access to the required resources from the configurable computing resource sharing pool ( Such as the network , The server , storage , Application and service ).