Management business flow chart

Service management is an important part of network management , It also covers a wide range of areas . At this level of management , Most of the management information is directly in GSM Each network unit of the system and GSM Exchange between network management facilities . These management information also includes AuC Managed security data , from HLR Managed customer data , from MSC Management rate and billing data, etc .
Business management (Business Management) It refers to the production in the company's business process , do business , investment , service , The labor force, finance and other businesses shall be effectively regulated according to the business purpose , control .
Business flow chart (TFD) Is a description of the units within the management system , Business relationship between people , Chart of job sequence and management information flow . It uses some prescribed symbols and lines to represent the processing process of a specific business , Help analysts find out the unreasonable flow direction in the business process .
operation flow , It is a series of activities completed by different people to achieve a specific value goal . There is not only a strict sequence between activities , And the content of the event , mode , Responsibilities must also be clearly arranged and defined , In order to make it possible for different activities to transfer between different roles .
Investigators should follow the original information flow process , Investigate all processes one by one , Processing content , Processing sequence , And processing time requirements , Find out the information needed in each link , information sources , Flow trend .