Big data management data processing process chart

big data (big data), It refers to that it can not be captured by conventional software tools within a certain period of time , Data collection for management and processing , It needs new processing mode to have stronger decision-making power , insight .
The main process of big data processing includes data collection , data storage , data processing , Data application and other major links .
As the business grows , Quantity and process , Rules related unstructured data has also exploded .
Big data processing , Big data mining , Explore the collection of world's largest enterprises , Boost new opportunities for enterprises , Survey data , Real data analysis tools , Enterprise level analysis , Reinventing the business , Let your product hide big , Make your business opportunities more profitable .
Big data management , Big data platform construction , Big data mining method , Quick discovery , Help you to deepen the screen , Simple data , rapid analysis , Realize visualization , Zero threshold , Covering complete data processing , Built in model , Data analysis information .
data collection , Data preprocessing , data storage , Data processing and analysis , Data display / Data visualization , Data application, etc , Data quality runs through the whole big data process .